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As an art student, my fascination with Ancient Egypt grew stronger as I spent hours sketching Egyptian statues at the British Museum. The symbolism of scarab beetles in ancient Egyptian culture captivated me, particularly their representation of the Egyptian sun god 'Re' and their association with renewal and rebirth. It's remarkable how many insects in art history hold positive meanings.


I created the "Re Scarab Beetle" using exquisite, shiny foiled leather. 


Each piece of leather is cut by hand and meticulously fitted together using my unique leather marquetry technique. To emphasize sustainability, I source recycled black leather from damaged garments that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Only the finest sections of the leather are chosen and carefully cleaned for repurposing.


Once all the leather pieces are assembled, I stitch them together using my trusty companion, 'Gerty', a 1960's Pfaff rolling-foot sewing machine. Finally, I add the finishing touches to bring the piece to life.


Each order will be carefully wrapped and posted to you FREE of charge if in the UK. Please contact me for shipping costs anywhere else. If this is a gift and you would also like to add a message please contact me with your details.


I would love to see your photos & hear your thoughts.

Re - Scarab Beetle Necklace - Real Leather

Only 1 left in stock
  • Beetle  - 14.5 cm x 7cm / Chain - 14 inch

  • Lamb & sheep leather, gold plated chain

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