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I love watching koi carp when I see them, I particularly love the way they shimmer in the water and how bright and bold their different colour combinations are, they are such beautiful and interesting creatures.  


A while ago, I made a large painting of different types of Koi carp, I enjoyed studying their different colours, patterns and body shapes and I always had wanted to use Koi carp in my leather work, so after finishing my shoe making course (more about my previous careers in the MY STORY page) I made a pair of Koi Carp sandals. Before developing the design further to make this jacket. 

I wanted the jacket to have a tranquil and zen like quality. I also wanted to add stylised water motifs both with motion and stillness, as well as some fish leather too. 


I like to use pre-loved clothes for my work, I love that a good quality item of preloved clothing can be given a new lease of life, like this Levi denim jacket.  


This jacket is a Size 10 or Small


Each piece of leather is cut by hand and meticulously fitted together using my unique leather marquetry technique. To emphasize sustainability, I source recycled black leather from damaged garments that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Only the finest sections of the leather are chosen and carefully cleaned for repurposing.


Once all the leather pieces are assembled, I stitch them together using my trusty companion, 'Gerty', a 1960's Pfaff rolling-foot sewing machine. Finally, I add the finishing touches to bring the piece to life.


Each order will be carefully wrapped and posted to you FREE of charge if in the UK. Please contact me for shipping costs anywhere else. If this is a gift and you would also like to add a message please contact me with your details.


I would love to see your photos & hear your thoughts.

Zen - Denim Jacket

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  • Re-fashioned cow leather vintage coat with handmade calf and lamb leather marquetry

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